5 Reasons Why You Should Let Others Speak At Your Church

118651955Currently, in our College and Career ministry we are doing a Tag Team series, which is a not so creative way of explaining we are having 6 different speakers over the next three weeks.  Two speakers each week for fifteen minutes each.  It’s been a lot of fun, and this is why:

1.  It’s Our Job.  Many would assume a pastor’s job is to come up with inspirational messages each week while doing the occasional counseling session.  But it’s not.  In fact, the job description of a pastor according to the Bible is to “equip the saints for the work of the ministry.” (1)  My job is to give others the tools to lead, serve, care, and yes, speak.  I am to decrease so that others may increase and in doing so the Kingdom of God grows.  If we do not equip others, then our ministry dies with us.  True leadership must include a legacy.  If you died tomorrow, would your ministry thrive or suffer?

2.  So People Can Hear.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had someone else share at my ministry and their message was very similar to something I shared only a few weeks earlier.  However, everyone listening started acting like it was the greatest thing they ever heard.  It’s because people need to hear the same truth from many different voices.  Also, I recognize I personally have limitations and biases and this limits who I can reach.  For example, I’m an abstract, creative type thinker so software engineers are going to shrug their shoulders at some of my attempts to explain scripture.  The message is greater than the speaker.  What limitations do you have?

3.  You Express The Kingdom.  We all know we’re going to be surprised who will be and who won’t be in heaven some day.  I do know for certain, it will be a beautifully diverse land full of many ethnicities, backgrounds, cultures, languages, and stories.  The beauty will be in that despite our diversity we will be wonderfully united in Christ. The goal of the church is not conformity.  When we allow others to speak, we’re expressing to the church there is room for all.  We’re explaining that diversity and unity can be accomplished in Jesus.  How are you expressing the Kingdom?

4.  Give Up Control.  No seriously, please do it.  Being worried that others won’t perfectly express your church’s narrow doctrine is not a good excuse.  Yes, of course we should help other speakers properly prepare.  In fact, I’ve found this process takes far more time than it does for me just to prepare a message myself.  However, no message or messenger is perfect.  There are plenty of messages I’ve spoken that I missed the mark on, and yet God forgives me, believes in me, and lets me try again.  Never forget that Jesus left.  He could have just done it all himself, but he didn’t.  He left.  Loosen your grip, it’s never been your church anyway.  Are you allowing your personal fears or insecurities to rule your leadership?

5.  It’s Rewarding.  Watching others find their voice in the Kingdom and humbly sharing about God to others is exhilarating.  I’ve found such a joy in helping others prepare, giving tips, and setting them up for success.  Afterwards, debriefing has become a time when we laugh about the mistakes and celebrate the things that worked.  I’m slowly creating a teaching team where they are beginning to critique and improve my messages.  Iron is sharpening iron as we all grow together.  Have you experience the thrill of seeing others go farther with the gospel than you?

1.  Ephesians 4:11-12