Beautiful Jesus

91950341    The other day, a friend and I were talking about Jesus and how he’s made a difference in our lives.  My friend was listening to me tell a story about Jesus, stopped me mid sentence and announced, “Isn’t He beautiful?!”  This comment took me by surprise and has haunted me ever since.
Is Jesus “great”? Absolutely!
Is he “powerful”? Of course!
Is He my “Lord and Savior”?  You betcha!
But “Beautiful”?  Well, I haven’t really thought of Jesus like that… until now.  This is what I’ve discovered:

Beauty Stirs The Soul.

Jesus has never been interested in me just knowing a bunch of facts about him.  I can’t reduce him to bullet points because he desires a relationship.  He is after my love, not just my allegiance. (John 21:17)  When I acknowledge the beauty of God, something in my soul stirs.
Like a teenager waiting their turn to jump off a cliff into the water.
Like a child peering through the window at lightning flashing in the dark and waiting for the thunder.
Like a trapeze artist that has just let go, arms stretched out, waiting to be caught.
My heart soars as I fall deeper in love with a God that did anything to win me.  No wonder David was called “a man after (God’s) own heart”.  (Acts 13:22) Have you read some of the songs he wrote lately?  Beauty stirred his soul.

Beauty Makes Us Stand In Awe.

The other day I was driving home from work.  Traffic was awful as usual and I was defending my lane from other cars like a knight defending his king.  Talk radio was blaring, and my to do list was gathering in my head.  Then, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a flash of color.  I released the white-knuckle grip on my steering wheel for just a moment to glance out the window and what I found was the most brilliant sunset.  Busyness shattered, it gripped me, and nothing else mattered.  My words were few as I joyously remembered how small I really am.  God doesn’t want me to just observe Him, He wants me to enjoy Him.  A life of following Jesus is daily being surprised by grace, astounded by eternal life, and captivated by a reckless love.  Our beautiful Jesus moves us to a reverent wonder and humble worship.  (Psalm 8)

Beauty Is Worth Sharing

    It’s true isn’t it?  You just can’t keep beauty to yourself.
Like an engaged girl showing off her diamond ring.
Like a child that just opened their presents calling their best friend to come over and play.
Like happy vacationers posting pictures on Facebook.
Beauty just has a way of spreading.  No wonder the disciples didn’t hesitate to share the Good News with everyone they met after Jesus ascended to heaven. (Matt. 28:19)  Well, because, he ummm… ASCENDED TO HEAVEN!  That had to be beautiful!  Perhaps the more we get caught up in the beauty of God, the easier sharing with others will become?  Perhaps, it’ll become natural, effortless, and even a little fun?

Today, may God stir your soul as you fall deeper in love.   May you stand in awe of him as you worship.  May you be so taken by his beauty, you can’t help but share.  Today, may you find Him beautiful.